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Breaking News
Jan 29, 2017 4:00pm est:

Team My Race Data Dot Com has re-released it's public facing portion of the team's web site along with announcing that the team's first generation simulation chassis, the 'AR01e' is being released as an open source hardware project.
The team has announced it is releasing all development materials relating to 'development project AR01e', the team's first simulation engineering test fixture, as an open source hardware project. The team also re-released a public facing portion of the team web site, after an almost two year hiatus, to facilitate release of information about the open source project. All relevant development materials, including shop drawings, sketches, documents and pictures will be made available in digital format on the web for release to the general public. The team announced the material will be hosted on github.com

Link to Git Hub repository https://github.com/MyRaceData/AR01e

"All relevant materials including the dwg files along with pdf versions of the drawing files will be posted on our github site. Using these drawings anyone will be able to build a replica of the test fixture if they have metal fabrication skills. If they don't, they should be able to print the drawings and use them to get a bid from a shop for having it built. The drawings include dimensioned views of all the components of the assembly as well as all details and specifications necassary for construction. Other materials including documents and pictures as well as a build sheet with a bill of materials will also be released. All the material will be released as it is reviewed and deemed appropriate.

because Race Car
the prototype in 2015 just after completion

because Race Car
the prototype during construction in 2015

"The rig has been extensively modified since it was put into service. I've begun work on a new design so I decided to release this design to the public domain." Andrew Rowe

For more information about the AR01e click here

For more information about open source hardware go to



Watch the AR01e in action on YouTube.com