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AR01e Sim Rig Info

Documentation for the AR01e project is stored on github web site

Link to Git Hub repository for AR01 project


Link to engineer's white papers on the AR01 project

White Papers

AR01e Pictures

pictures of the AR01e prototype including full decriptions

because Race Car

the prototype in 2015 just after completion

The AR01e prototype shown shortly after construction. Photograph depicts final trail fitting of components just prior to intitial testing

because Race Car

the prototype during construction in 2015

The AR01e prototype during construction. Photograph depicts main structure comleted before addition of the wheel and pedal mounts

because Race Car

Pedal mount detail

Close up photograph depicts detail of pedal mount structure

AR01e Model

because Race Car

screen capture of sketchup model of AR01e

download model of AR01e here click here

AR01e Model flyaround

short video of AR01e in 360 degrees

Watch the AR01e in action on YouTube.com

For more information about open source hardware go to